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June 2008

European Soccer Championship

Watching soccer at home certainly has its advantages: Cold drinks and snacks are within reach, and the perfect interplay of TV cameras make it possible to detect a penalty even before the referee has seen it. On the other hand, even the most crowded TV room can’t compete with the thrill of watching a game at the stadium. Unfortunately, tickets for the Fußballeuropameisterschaft (European Soccer Championship) are long sold out, and it takes a little more than an U-Bahn ride to get to Switzerland and Austria. An excellent compromise—one which will enable you to see more than the on-field experts while enjoying the company of hundreds of other soccer enthusiasts—are the public viewing areas throughout Munich. The Muffathalle, Backstage, and beer gardens at the Chinese Tower, the Seehaus and the Löwenbräukeller will put up large screens to show all the important games. Also, a live public broadcast will be offered at the Nockherberg and the Schrannenhalle. In addition, the final game on June 29 will be shown at the Brunnenhof of the Residence as part of the SZ Open Air Festival, framed by a crossover concert of classical music and hip hop by Eins-Hoch6. For that event, tickets cost € 27.90–43.60, while all other venues show the games for free. <<<

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