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June 2008

Taxi Guides

Guided bus tours through Munich can be irritating. Either the bus is too crowded and the tour is too fast, or the guide is lackluster and the tour is too slow. An alternative sightseeing possibility is offered by the Taxi Guide Service of Munich. Cab drivers—all of whom have completed a special three-month course at the Munich tourist office—will pick you up and give you a personalized tour of the city. Aside from the usual round-trip to the city’s landmarks, the service also offers themed tours. During the European Soccer Championship, for example, there will be a “Soccer Tour.” You can also choose the “Beer Tour,” the “Music Tour,” or a tour of Munich during National Socialism. Such specialized care, however, is a little pricey. An hour with the taxi guide costs € 80; three hours can be booked for € 160. Each additional half an hour costs € 20, but there is also the option of taking half-day tours (€ 260) and full-day tours (€ 520), which could encompass Bavaria’s Alpine environs and its beautiful castles. One to eight passengers fit in a taxi. To arrange a tour, call 0175 48 12 848 or book online at <<<

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