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June 2008

A Certain Jewish Something

What do we associate with Jews and Judaism? Quick answers to this question are often stereotypical and only cover a small section of the spectrum of Jewish life. An upcoming event at the Jewish Museum Munich hopes to inspire many Munich citizens to explore the diverse reality of Jewish culture. Titled “A Certain Jewish Something,” the event on June 22 will invite all Münchner to bring personal items that are somehow connected to Jewish life. The museum will also hand out a paper, upon which each participant will write the story of the item he or she has brought along. All objects will be gathered between 10 am and 2 pm. At 3 pm, an hour of show-and-tell is scheduled. After the event, the objects and their stories will be on display at the museum through August 31. Every contributor will receive a catalog documenting this extraordinary exhibition, which will only succeed through the enthusiastic participation of Munich residents. <<<

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