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June 2008

Bonsais & Roses

The art of cutting Bonsai trees is a century-old Japanese tradition. In Germany, Bonsais made their debut as part of the 1907 Dresden horticulture exhibition, and the exotic look of the “midget trees” caused a sensation. Since then, the miniature trees have become a fashionable and enduring staple of German interior design. Thanks to the cultivation of new European species, Bonsais are available at almost every flower shop these days. A Bonsai exhibition at the Botanical Garden, however, will show that beyond the taste for Bonsais, the art of growing and aesthetically cutting the trees is also highly cultivated in Germany. From June 6 through 15, these high-quality trees—artworks in themselves—are on display in the Winter Hall.
After the Bonsai show, precious scents and elegance will suffuse through the Botanical Garden during the 16th roses exhibition, from June 27 through June 30. In addition to countless species of wild, grown, international and “historic” roses, there will be a market with stands offering pottery, flower accessories and exquisite roses to lend that special floral radiance to your home. While the entrance fee for the Bonsai exhibition is covered by the Botanical Garden’s regular admission fee (€ 4), tickets for the roses exhibition cost € 5. On June 27, the opening hours are extended until 10 pm. <<<

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