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June 2008

Art Room

Since 1973, the Kunstraum (Art Room) has established itself as a platform for contemporary art by young artists. Its unique curator model has been key to its success: Ten curators are responsible for the entire program of the non-profit organization. To celebrate the 35-year anniversary of the Kunstraum and to inaugurate the new exhibition rooms at Holzstrasse 10, two art projects will be realized this month.
From June 4 through June 8, an installation by the raumlabor_berlin will explore the many opportunities offered by the new location. raumlabor_berlin is a group of architects who challenge the common notions of urbanism, architecture and public art through temporary installations. As part of the four-day exhibition, a documentary of the group’s past projects will be on display.
“Without music the world would be dead, no matter what kind of music.” This quote by Dave Day Havlicek—a member of the 1960s beat band The Monks—is the inspiration of an exhibition taking place from June 14 through August 3 at the Kunstraum. Numerous young artists, including Cory Arcangle, Johanna Billing and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay consider the phenomenon of music and how it defines identity, deviation, individuality or collectivity. “Into the Music” will, however, refrain from the usual deconstruction of the market mechanisms of pop music. The center of attention will lie solely on the question of how the power of music can shape a society. <<<

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