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June 2008

Munich Cowboys

Although playing American football outside of the U.S. seems as peculiar as figure skating at the Equator, there are quite a few football clubs in Germany: enough to constitute a German Football League. Among the founding members of the league was the Munich Cowboys team, which came into existence in 1979. Aside from some difficult years in the 1990s, the team has successfully played in the German league since their inception. This year, Stephan Seidel, the team’s cornerback, has been elected by the American Football Association Germany as “Offspring Player of the Year.” The award honors Seidel’s great performance during the 2007 World Championships in Japan, where the German football team won the bronze medal. To witness the 25-year old Seidel and his team colleagues in action, head to either of two games taking place at the Dantestadion (Dantestr. 14) this month. On June 8, the Munich Cowboys will play against the Darmstadt Diamonds and the Dresden Monarchs will compete with Munich’s local team on June 29. In the meantime, a Munich Cowboys Ladies team has also been formed, which will challenge the Berlin Kobra Ladies on June 1. Tickets for all games cost € 7–9. For more information on the teams and their game schedule, visit <<<

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