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April 2000

Fair East

Frühlingsfest 2000 at Kunstpark Ost

Just when you think the fun at Kunstpark Ost couldn’t get any better, organizers announce Frühlingsfest 2000, the entertainment center’s ode to spring. On Sunday, April 30, at high noon, KPO’s festivities will begin with myriad activities for young and old. The park’s spacious parking lot will serve as a midway, replete with rides and games. Parents can enjoy cocktails, food and music in the tropical club Cohibar from 12:00-17:00. For those with toddlers, Cri-Cri bar boasts a staff-supervised “game island”, so mom and dad can savor a beverage and a childfree moment. At KPO’s Colosseum, a children’s theater group from Cologne will entertain with two showings (13:00 and 16:00) of Astrid Lindgren’s Michel in der Suppenschussel. Silhouette theater and puppet shows will be featured at 15:00 in the Metropolis bar. From 16:00 on, the Bongo bar will host a “Tanztee,” at which adults can relax with coffee and cake and a bit of ballroom dancing. As Munich mayor Christian Ude recently renewed Kunstpark Ost’s lease, we are sure to see more mega-events taking place at this extraordinary entertainment complex.

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