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April 2000

Bed Post

Reservations online with Hostelling International

Peak tourist season is often stressful for those scavenging for last minute accommodations. Hostelling International (HI) offers a solution. At, reserving beds the world over is an easy task as information is presented in four languages — English, French, German and Spanish. The site’s International Booking Network (IBN) guarantees a bed upon arrival. Via IBN, hostel goers can make international reservations up to six months in advance of a trip to major destinations including Europe, Asia, Latin America, New Zealand, USA and South Africa. A warning to procrastinators: online reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to arrival at an HI hostel. A credit card number holds the reservation, but payment must be made in person. Reservations are only guaranteed once an email confirmation has been received. This should be presented at check-in. A maximum of six beds, for six nights can be booked online. Further arrangements must be made directly with the hostel. Everyone from individuals to families are welcome at HI hostels, though Bavaria has an age limit of 26. Take advantage of IBN and you’ll be assured a place to hang that boda bag at the end of the day.

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