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April 2000


Facts on Munich

>>> The city of Munich, copying compensation packages already in place in Berlin, plans to reimburse ticket prices to those who experience a delay longer than 20 minutes in waiting for scheduled public transportation. Details are available at the MVV, tel. (089) 41 42 43 44.
>>> The Viktualienmarkt, long known as a hotbed of geriatric patrons, is looking for a new image. In an effort to attract the wallets of the younger generations, brightly colored, youth-oriented posters now adorn the famous outdoor market, with more aggressive campaigns to follow.
>>> Goetheplatz will soon be the site of an entertaining experiment. U3 and U6 commuters will be treated to the music of live bands while waiting for the subway train. If the performances are well received, other stations will follow suit.
>>> As of 2003, a second terminal at Munich’s Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport will be opened. Based on the present rate at which air traffic is increasing at the site, officials estimate that the new terminal will still not meet Munich’s needs — there will be a 22-dock deficit.
>>> Slowly but surely, Munich’s museums are beginning to model themselves on American institutions. In a new initiative entitled “Living Museums,” organizers plan to extend opening hours, and install attractive cafeterias and shops.

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