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April 2000

Creature Comfort

Strict UK pet quarantine laws change

So, you’re moving to the UK. You wouldn’t lock your kids up for six months prior to relocation, so why would you do that to your pets? For years, this has been the sentiment of European animal-lovers and activists, who have been fighting to have the UK’s strict quarantine laws changed. And, finally, a breakthrough has been achieved — as of February 28, Fifi can fulfill all requirements in the comfort of your own home. Britain’s new policy states that those wishing to bring a cat or dog into the country must comply with the following rules. Animals must be residents of the European Union. Eight months prior to the move, pets must be inoculated for rabies. One month later, a veterinarian should take a blood sample to be sent immediately to the British Department of Agriculture. After a six-month waiting period, the pet owner must have the animal expat inoculated for ring worm and ticks before entering the UK. A certificate from any vet, confirming the various treatments have been performed must be delivered upon arrival. For more information, contact Munich’s British Consulate at (089) 211 091 13.

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