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April 2000

Henry Rollins

The Monk of Hardcore Punk

During the last 12 years, Henry Rollins, notorious alcohol, drug and nicotine hater and former Black Flag band member, has written over a dozen books, enjoyed a successful music career and has appeared in six major motion pictures. Though he should begin to look somewhat haggard, the 39-year-old over-achiever resembles a tatooed, muscle-bound Tom Cruise. In fact, Rollins pumps iron six days a week. Get Some Go Again, the Rollins Band’s latest CD, contains the Washington, D.C. native’s familiar trademarks — passionate screaming punk and heavy metal riffs. But this time Rollins delivers a hint of optimism and a sensitive look at love. Is he having a problem in the love department? “No,” laughs Rollins, “the fact is, I have no time for it. I seldom have a girlfriend, and when I do, it’s not for long. I am the definitive egomaniac, concentrated on myself and my work. I am the monk of hardcore punk.” Rollins lives to work? “What else should I do? These projects interest me, bring me joy. It’s wonderful to wake up every morning and know there’s a new day ahead to which I must contribute. It seems that is my calling on this planet.”

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