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April 2000

Flea Circus

Flea markets in Munich

Why buy new when old will do? Whether you’re looking for a pair of used Levis or an 18th-century sterling candelabra, Munich boasts a variety of ongoing flea markets. Location, type and quality of merchandise as well as atmosphere are all things to be considered before heading out. >>> Arnulfpark: Open Thurs. to Sat., 7:00 to 17:00. S-Bahn Hackerbrücke. This 13,000-square-meter venue features 800 traders, who hawk everything from faux Versace shirts to antique rarities. This is, perhaps, not the most reliable source for high-end antiques. But if you are searching for an Oriental bazaar atmosphere, the flea market at Arnulfpark is the place to go. Tel. 18 99 91 20. >>> Antikmarkt Kunstpark Ost: Open Fri. and Sat., 7:00 to 18:00. S-Bahn Ostbahnhof. Grafinger Strasse 6. An indoor facility houses antique dealers’ permanent stands. Downstairs, Batavia sells custom teak furniture, while a small frame shop upstairs offers unusual picture frames at reasonable prices. The adjacent grounds offer wares, ranging from garage-sale items to grandma’s hand-beaded wedding gown. To sell outdoors, purveyors must pay a DM 20 fee. Just around the corner, on Rosenheimerstrasse 143, is the recently reopened Antikhaus. Once a month, some 100 entrepreneurs from all over Europe offer antiques and collectibles here. Next market: April 15 and 16. Tel. 49 00 29 28. >>> Daglfing: Open Sat. 8:00 to 16:00. S8 Daglfing, then Bus 90 toward Trudering, disembark at the Trabrennbahn stop. By car: A 94 exit, Daglfing. Many popular antique dealers from the former high-end Schwabinger flea market on Neusser Strasse have reopened stands here. Daglfing’s harness race track serves as a unique location for the prestigious antique furniture market — when the horses aren’t trotting, of course. Tel. (08564) 16 65. >>> Internationales Jugendzentrum: Sun., 10:00 to 15:00. U-Bahn U4/U5 Max-Weber-Platz. Einsteinstrasse 90. Nice little neighborhood flea market. With a bit of luck, you can find bargain items from the days when Haidhausen was a mere village on the outskirts of Munich. Tel. 47 10 40. >>> Pasing: Open Fri. and Sat. 9:00 to 17:00. S4,5,6,8 Pasing. Corner of Landsberger- and Offenbachstrasse. The operator of this flea market deems it to be the “cleanest” in Munich. For him, that means: booths owned by private locals rather than overpriced dealers, no cheap junk and a lot of room to move. Free coffee or Glühwein is another claim to the market’s fame, though shoppers will have to go thirsty after May. The German railroad plans to build on the grounds of the bevy of bargains. Tel. 760 97 05. >>> Auer Dult: The Auer Dult is a mixture between flea market and fair. Three times a year, spring, summer and fall, Munich’s Mariahilfplatz (Tram 27) is transformed into an oasis of deals, wheels and beer. While children ride on one of the merry-go-rounds, parents can hunt for antique tableware or Bavarian porcelain. Good news for kitchen-gadget junkies: every tool needed to slice, dice and create gourmet cuisine is available here. Next Dult: April 29 to May 7, open daily 8:00 to 20:00. Tel. 23 30 300. >>> Frühlingsfest: Theresienwiese (U4/5 Theresienwiese). The Frühlingsfest tends to be better known for its beer consumption than its flea market. But the German Red Cross, in employing the grounds behind the Frühlingsfest and the Pschorr Strasse, are organizers of Bavaria’s largest flea market, where a majority of private vendors offer their goods. Here, someone else’s junk is another man’s treasure, as you probably won’t find many valuable antiques. Hardcore bargain hunters and peddlers fill the huge space. The Frühlingsfest flea market takes place Apr. 22 and 23. <<<

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