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October 2000

Bloody Goods

Where to find Halloween costumes

Vampire fangs, scary masks and fake blood are all must-haves for American children and grown-ups alike on October 31.
In recent years Halloween has increased in popularity here in Munich. Posters around town advertise costume parties and Halloween specials at bars and nightclubs as the adult alternatives to roaming the streets looking for sweets.
So, where do you go to get equipped for All Hallows’ Eve? The Halloween Gore Store at Müllerstrasse 54 is one choice for blood-curdling accoutrements. Butcher knives covered in oozing entrails, dark cloaks, witches hats and a large selection of creepy masks can all be found at this shop, which doubles (appropriately enough) as a piercing studio. Another great fright site is Trick o’ Treat at Reichenbachstrasse 25. The merchandise here is enough to send small children running from your doorstep. Perennial favorites include Freddy Krueger masks, complete with razor blade gloves, as well as more traditional items of the hooded skull or vampire genre. Owner Jürg Scholz also stocks all the standards including fake blood, a beating heart and eyeballs in a jar.
Most of his offerings are also available online at,where you can shop and have the ghoulish goods shipped to you.

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