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October 2000

On the Heels

La Tirana

Whatever you think flamenco is, think again.World-renowned choreographer and dancer María Pagés, best known for her solo performances in “Riverdance – The Show,” and her troupe tread none too lightly on the traditional Andalusian dance form, trading in the classical for the radically charismatic. Salsa, tango and modern dance blend in Flamenco Theater, a genre that has won Pagés prizes and standing ovations from her native Seville to various venues in Germany.
The Compañía María Pagés presents its fiery rhythms in the Munich premiere of the critically acclaimed “La Tirana” (The Woman Tyrant) October 3 at the Prinzregenten Theater.
“La Tirana” revives the passionate story of the Duchess of Alba, a woman widely thought to have been the mistress of the famed Spanish court painter Francisco de Goya (1746-1828). The story of Goya and the Duchess of Alba has since grown into a metaphor for lust and longing, a splendid backdrop for this modern tale. In “La Tirana,” it is not Goya but a young man enamoured of the woman in Goya’s portrait who is treated to the sweet tortures of the Duchess’ art. After admiring the painted Duchess, the young Eros hides himself in the museum, making sure that he is locked in with the paintings after closing time. With hammering heels and serpentine arms, the tyrant of hearts herself springs from the portrait, a wily and wicked vision in a flame-red dress.
The hour-and-a-half performance that follows is a volcano of movement and music, with 14 dancers and 4 musicians erupting with innovation.
Tickets for “La Tirana,” October 3 to 12, are available online at as well as at all Munich ticket centers.

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