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April 2001

Indian Paintbrushes

Native American artists

Get a double dose of art from the Yukon Territory of Canada by viewing the work of Native Americans Jacqueline Faye Olson and Ukjese van Kampen at the Amerika Haus on Karolinenplatz until May 4. Olson’s work includes many natural elements. The artist describes her work as “symbolic of the life of the nomadic people, a time of simplicity, respect and honor.” Birds, animals, flowers and leaves also imbue van Kampen’s work, presented boldly in black, white and red — traditional colors of the Northwest Coast Native Americans. Working to revive the Tutchone tribe’s original artistic tradition, van Kampen describes his work as “A modern Indian’s view of what he sees around him.” For more information on the exhibition “Modern Yukon Indian Art,” call 55 02 70 41.

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