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April 2001

Good Catch

Burger altenatives

In light of health concerns raised by mad cow disease in Bavaria, few are brave enough to bite into a juicy burger or partake of a tender t-bone. Sausage retailers have begun offering wares made solely of turkey meat and, in timely fashion, fast-food chain McDonald’s has added the pork patty sandwich “McFarmer” to its menu. But there is one local restaurant that takes the lead in the BSE-free competition. Lecker Burger (eight locations in Munich) has thrown its all-beef list of goodies overboard in favor of a new lineup — the Wharfwich menu. Here, fresh seafood sandwiches “for busy people on the go” include the simply elegant “Royal B.A.H,” (pictured here), a fresh rainbow trout with bones and head — thus its catchy name — and not a single condiment, served on a sour dough roll. Other highlights at Lecker Burger are sure to help beef eaters through troubled times. “Golden Nuggets,” 6 live goldfish served in a plastic bag full of water, “Casino Crisps,” 9, 12 or 18 raw clams served in the shell and the American favorite “U.S.S. Minnow,” unscaled smelts (another clever name with hidden meaning) stuffed into a whole-wheat pita pocket and topped with a U.S. flag toothpick — all are delicious and perfect for those who have no time to fumble with stuff like tartar sauce and drawn butter! Lecker president and Maine native Skipper S. Dock says the response has been tremendous. “I get a lot of expat customers because I am one of them,” Dock explains. “Face it, your bonnie may lie over the ocean, but your buns are overseas,” he chortles, realizing his play on words.

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