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June 2001

Ride On

Camel riding at Neuschwanstein

One hundred marks may not go as far as it used to, but now it will at least take you on a most unusual tour of the Allgäu region—on the back of a camel. Englbolz bei Seeg native Christiane Sieber and her herd of nine dromedaries offer tours of the moors and bumpy rides to the foot of Neuschwanstein for just a fraction of the cost of traveling to the nearest desert. Those interested in enjoying the countryside from atop the golden-haired beast should bear in mind that camels are to be treated with respect. Sieber says that mishandling the creature might result in a sit-down strike by the whole herd during tours. Gentle, kind behavior may win you a nuzzling companion for the day. More information can be obtained by calling (083) 643 39, or visiting Sieber’s Web site at Groups are welcome. <<<

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