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June 2001

Know from Atom

New atom physics section at the Deutsches Museum

Physics is not exactly a popular subject. Many students become frustrated memorizing copious figures, equations and calculations in an attempt to understand what is going on in this world. With its reopening of the recently souped-up atomic physics section, the Deutsches Museum proves that this area of study can be fun. Sixty exhibits and thirty experiments offer curious visitors a fascinating look at the physical makeup of planet earth. The exhibition traces the atom from large to small, offering an overview of the numerous theses that have been proposed to explain how many times matter can be divided. The exhibition route then systematically strips the whole atom down to its smallest part, the elementary particle. Three-dimensional objects and free Internet access complete this attractive introduction to a science that is so frequently thought to be dull. Dr. Alto Brachner, who conceived the exhibition, says he hopes to awaken the same burning desire to learn about physics that he had as a youth. Stressed-out students might consider judging for themselves. <<<

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