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June 2001

Weekly Allowance

Organic food subscription

A mailbox full of newspapers and magazines won’t help put dinner on the table. If you are continually stumped when planning meals, are pressed for valuable shopping time and organic foods are a part of your diet, perhaps the next subscription you should sign up for is an “Ökokiste.” Amperhof, an organic farm near the Munich suburb of Olching, delivers seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs—some of these are imported from countries with warmer climes—cheese and meat products, beer and wine and dry goods to west Munich on a weekly basis. Shoppers may either customize an order, or bravely choose from several house-selected packages with such themes as “mother and child,” “speedy kitchen” and “produce from the region.” Don’t become discouraged if you live outside the farm’s service borders. The Amperhof Web site——offers the opportunity to contact 8 other participating area organic food distibutors. What is kale? What will you do with the kohlrabi found in your subscription crate? Find recipes and other cooking tips on the farm’s (German-language) Web site. For a product list, call (08142) 408 79. Orders can be made by Internet, phone or fax. <<<

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