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June 2001

Different Tunes

Festival for new music

In the Swabian dialect, the word “Ade” means “bye-bye.” That is just the sentiment with which organizers of the A-DEvantgarde Festival would like to greet those who maintain that new classical music is boring and only meant for the elite. From June 15 to 25, ten productions of new music will prove that unusual sound compositions can be an audible delight. Ranging from the scenical music thiller, Death In the Grand Hotel, to an Internet hommage on John Cage, purists of new music will be treated to a special concert in celebration of the 75th birthday of contemporary German composer Hans Werner Henze. Those not in fear of musical experiments can witness, for example, how the project Go Guitars manages to adapt the sounds of five electronic guitars to a conventional piece of music (June 17, Neues Theater München). Promoters of the innovative music festival stress that June is not a month to say “Ade” to Munich’s cultural scene. For detailed information, see the A-DEvantgarde Festival box in our What’s Up section. <<<

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