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July 1999

Beer We Go: Munich Found staffers rave about their favorite beer gardens

Tips and Hints about Munich's beer gardens.

Augustiner Keller Arnulfstrasse 52, Munich Tel. (089) 59 43 93 Beer “connoisseurs” flock to this, one of Munich’s oldest and most popular, beer gardens forAugustiner’s premium brew, Edelstoff (“precious stuff”). Scores of chestnut trees sound-proof the 4,500-seat oasis, located behind noisy Hauptbahnhof. A jolly atmosphere is created by the mixed clientele — farmers and techno-teens feeling equally at ease. The self-serve section is strongly recommended, as a few of the longtime Augustiner waiters give more lip than table service. Beer: Augustiner Biergarten am Bambergerhaus Im Luitpold Park, Brunnerstrasse 2 Munich, Tel. (089) 308 89 66 The Biergarten am Bambergerhaus, like the North Schwabing park in which it is situated, offers a quiet retreat from the city buzz. Its tranquility is underscored by a muted elegance. Dozens of individual tables shaded by white umbrellas are clustered around a classical old villa (now an attractive restaurant) whose yellow ochre tone comes alive with the last rays of the evening sun. A beer garden for the quieter moments. Beer: Augustiner Concordia Park Landshuter Allee 165, Munich Tel. (089) 15 52 41 Concordia Biergarten is truly one of Munich’s well-kept secrets. Located behind a lovely patch of allotment gardens in the Landshuter Allee, Concordia is a small but rarely crowded garden with so many trees it has a forested feel. A large playground is visible from most tables, so you can have your brew and kid-watch, too. The service here is excellent — no grumps to spoil your picnic. Beer: Löwenbräu Taxisgarten Taxisstrasse 12, Munich Tel. (089) 15 68 27 Though a celebrity favorite, the Taxisgarten has modern charm without the cell-phone-wielding jet-set feel. In addition to serving standard beer garden fare — Taxis is known for its huge portions of top-rate spare ribs — a cold salad bar offers delicacies from marinated artichoke hearts to shrimp. It is self-serve only here, but lines move quickly thanks to an efficient and courteous staff. Beer: Spaten Leiberheim Nixenweg 9, Munich Tel. (089) 60 32 95 Leiberheim is little known in comparison to other Munich favorites, but its suburban patrons give this beer garden a backyard party atmosphere. It is not unusual to see couples or families settled in for an evening of cards or board games. It made our favorites list on the strength of its pretzels. Warm, fat, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, a better Brez’n is hard to find. Beer: Erhartinger Kugler Alm Linienstrasse 91, Deisenhofen Tel. 613 16 06 Separated into three sections by rows of high shrubs, the Kugler Alm provides an area for those with small children, a more secluded section for privacy seekers and a section with service from the restaurant. The Radler (a mix of beer and lemon soda) was born here in the summer of 1922 when beer kegs were running low and owner Kugler Xare added soda to a beer that had grown unpalatably warm. Popular with the many bikers who patronized his establishment, the drink was promptly dubbed Radler. Beer: Spaten Gaststätte Maierbräu Marktplatz 5, Altomünster Tel. (08254) 1279 Thanks to the two breweries who are home here, the smell of beer permeates the air in this tiny Bavarian town. Not to be missed is the Gaststätte Maierbräu. The gemütliches beer garden, located across the street from the brewery itself, offers a chance to enjoy a Bavarian “microbrew.” Get there at noon and you can meet the friendly brewery workers who tank up at Maierbräu on their lunch break. Accessible by the S2 and then the S-A to Altomünster. A 10-minute walk from the station. Beer: Maierbräu

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