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June 2003

Up and Away

When you are planning a family outing, you may not necessarily think of Munich Airport, yet the fully redesigned Visitors’ Park (Besucherpark) offers a wealth of attractions. Easily accessible by taking the S1/8 to the Besucherpark station or Autobahn A92 to the Flughafen exit, it is a great option for a day trip. As well as a playground, a restaurant and the airport shop, you can also visit the observation platform atop a 28-meter hill, from where you have an excellent view of the terminal, the apron and the activities on both runways. For airplane buffs, there is the chance to see historic aircraft on display and check out Dimension M, a multimedia show on all aspects of flying and aviation. If you feel like stretching your imagination (and nerves) to the limit, the simulator is for you. With themes such as space roller coaster, time travel, flying daredevils and helicopter adventure, kids are sure to love it. For more information call (089) 97 54 13 33, or visit And while you’re at the airport look out for the new Terminal 2, currently being built to the east of the existing passenger area and set for completion on June 29, 2003.

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