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June 2003

Ticked Off

Stretched out in the long grass on a summer afternoon, with perhaps a lake close by and the prospect of an evening at a beer garden ahead, life in Munich can be pretty idyllic. Though there is always one tiny blot on the landscape, which is part of life in the blue and white state—the danger of being bitten by a tick. If you’re new to Bavaria or have forgotten about the health threat posed by these tiny insects, here is a reminder of what to watch out for. Ticks (Zecken) can pass on two serious illnesses: Lyme disease and spring-summer encephalitis. There is no vaccination against Lyme disease—though it can be treated with antibiotics—but you can get a jab for spring-summer encephalitis, which provides protection for 3 years. Should you discover a tick on your body, it’s best to remove the insect as soon as possible using a gentle twisting movement so that the head comes out too (a pair of tweezers are useful here). Keep an eye on the bite for the next week and if there is any redness or you feel nauseous or feverish consult your doctor immediately.

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