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Egon Schiele

December 3–March 4:
The Lenbachhaus will attempt to counter the common biographical associations with the work of Modernist artist Egon Schiele in a comprehensive retrospective.

Indeed, it is not too far-fetched to contextualize the paintings of Schiele with his turbulent life. Born in 1890, Schiele died at the early age of 28 and in the few years previous to his death he had become the enfant terrible of the Austrian art scene. His turbulent non-marital relationship with his muse Wally and an imprisonment for an alleged sexual harassment of a minor are just two examples. Thus, Schiele's work was often pathologized and interpreted as an extended expression of his unconventional lifestyle.



Curators of the Lenbachhaus Kunstbau, however, will set out to prove that the pictures of Schiele can also be viewed from a more sophisticated perspective. They will trace reoccurring themes such as ideas on identity, Schiele's relation to nature, as well as reflections on perceptual processes. Another section will deal with the artist's preoccupation with Japanese woodcarvings that has not been taken into account by art historians before! The exhibition will be on display in the Lenbachhaus satellite Kunstbau. The Lenbachhaus is currently undergoing reconstruction until spring 2013. For more information, visit


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